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Selfish Lovers: Why They’re a *Relationship* Red Flag

Trust us, if they’re not attentive to your needs during sex, they wont be a better partner outside the bedroom.

selfish lover

A selfish lover – ugh! If you’re one of the unfortunate individuals who’ve been with one, you know where we’re coming from. But if you’re lucky enough not to have encountered an egotistical paramour, let us paint the picture.

You’re getting intimate for the first time with a hottie you’ve been dating for [insert some “appropriate” amount of time] and you’re super stoked to finally test out your chemistry in the bedroom. Though first-time sex can be awkward and vulnerable, you’re still bringing your A-game. Most importantly, you’re trying to ensure that your partner is satisfied. But alas, despite the fact that you’ve been attentive and made an effort to please them, they don’t seem to care about your pleasure. They don’t check in, they don’t ask, they don’t seem to care or notice. What.The.Wha?! 

Could their selfish actions in the bedroom offer valuable insight into what kind of partner they might be in a relationship, whether casual or serious?

In short, YES – a selfish lover is a significant relationship red flag.

Understanding what’s not a red flag

Before diving deeper, let’s clarify what doesn’t qualify as a red flag. We’re not suggesting that someone is terrible just because your initial sexual encounters aren’t mind-blowing or you don’t reach climax. First-time experiences are typically filled with jitters, insecurities, and trial-and-error. We all have our unique preferences in bed, and it’s natural to be out of sync initially. The good news is that sex often improves with time, practice, and open communication.

Additionally, we don’t mean to cast aspersions on the less experienced lovers. Learning to be great at sex is a journey, and if you encounter someone at the beginning of their sexual exploration, being patient and understanding can lead to a rewarding experience.

Spotting the Selfish Lover

The red flag we’re addressing is the selfish lover who prioritizes their needs and disregards yours. They believe their mere presence should bring you pleasure without making any effort to reciprocate. They love receiving but won’t give. They reach their own satisfaction without inquiring about yours. In this scenario, it’s all about them, and you feel like a supporting actor in your own story.

While this behavior may be an initial faux pas – that is, it’s not characteristic of their normal behavior during sex – beware if their inattentiveness is a pattern that occurs repeatedly. If, for example, the second time around they still only care about their own gratification —- that’s a P-R-O-B-L-E-M. And if you do eventually provide pleasure cues and how-to-satisfy-you instructions and they completely disregard them —- that’s E-G-R-E-G-I-O-U-S! 

Why Selfish Sex Matters Beyond the Bedroom

Some may dismiss selfish behavior, thinking, “It’s just sex; they can still be a great partner otherwise.” However, selfish behavior in bed is indicative of how they might behave outside of it.

Selfish sex behavior, beyond causing sexual frustration and insecurity, is an indicator of what type of partner the person will be outside the bedroom. 

Sex is a shared experience and both parties should be aware and mindful of each other’s needs and wants. Your partner’s failure to be attentive and care during sex can lead you to feel disconnected, neglected, and insecure. And if they do that in context of the most vulnerable and intimate instances, they’re likely to make you feel the same way in the rest of the relationship. This is the type of partner who will make his own plans without taking you into account; the kind that may apologize when they’ve hurt you but then continues to engage in behavior that causes you pain; the kind that will run out for an errand in the morning while you’re sleeping and comes back without a cup of coffee for you. You know the type.

In the end, with this kind of partner, you’ll feel unfulfilled in all aspects of your relationship. A healthy relationship is built on mutual respect, communication, and a willingness to prioritize each other’s happiness. If your partner consistently fails to meet these criteria in the bedroom, it’s a strong indication that they will also fall short in other aspects of the relationship.

So here is our advice: don’t make the mistake of investing your time in a selfish lover. They’ll be just as disappointing with their clothes on.  You deserve someone who values your pleasure and happiness as much as their own.   

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